When we first talked about the idea of starting a Foundation we were adamant we didn’t want to ask people for money. That initial decision then posed the question – how would we raise funds in order to support our initiatives and programs? We decided to create a range of commercial enterprises that where both beneficial to the community but also generated income that we could distribute to the youth of Jindabyne. The Jindabyne Disc Golf Course was our first project. The Foundation gained council approval for the course and fully funded the construction of the now 18-hole course. Its success has surpassed both Luke and my wildest expectations. We have sold advertising space to 9 local businesses and we can’t thank those businesses enough for their support. Both past and present sponsors include

Cocina Mexican Grill and Cantina
Jindy Steel Worx and Creations
Snowy Hydro 
Sentinal board store
Rip Curl Jindabyne
Synergy Massage
Action Sports Training
Snowy Mountains Electrical
Guthega Inn
Bits and pizza 

The success of the course also led to a second source of revenue being the proceeds from disc sales. The discs are purchased by the Foundation, marked up and sold at the Jindabyne Ripcurl Store on consignment with 100% of the proceeds going back to the Foundation. The Foundation invoices Ripcurl at the end of each quarter for those discs sold. Ripcurl covers the merchant fees from the sales to ensure the maximum return for the Foundation. Ripcurl Store owners, Reggae and Amanda Ellis have gone above and beyond to support the Foundation and we can’t thank them enough for their continued involvement. Through the disc golf course and the arrangement with Ripcurl, the Foundation has secured a reliable source of income to fund existing and future projects. 

The success of the Jindabyne course has sparked interest in the area and in 2015 Lake Crackenback Resort approached the Foundation to help set up a course in the Resort. The Foundation helped to co-ordinate the construction of the nine-hole disc golf course and in return, discs are sold on consignment at the Lake Crackenback retail outlet with 100% of the proceeds going back to the Foundation. Resort owner, Bruce Marshall was instrumental in getting this off the ground and his support for the Foundation has been invaluable. 

The initial investment in the disc golf course infrastructure has proven a worthwhile transaction for the foundation. The course has provided a free recreational activity for all ages but also secured a reliable source of income for the Foundation through advertising and disc sales.The success of the disc golf course is largely to attributable to the incredible support from the Jindabyne community. We would like to thank the community for supporting our vision so we can continue to provide opportunities to the youth of Jindabyne