Anton Grimus, Australian ski cross sensation and part time lumberjack. His uncanny resemblance to the infamous Ned Kelly has boosted his profile amongst the Australian public, portrayed as the true Australian bloke.


His fame is partly defined by the beard that surrounds his face yet in an act that makes more of a statement than his beard ever could, Anton has generously volunteered to dispose of his beard to raise funds for the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation.


I started the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation with my brother Luke in December 2013 in loving memory of our late father. The Foundation aims to continue Rob’s legacy and increase the opportunities for the youth of Jindabyne to participate and excel in snowsports.


Anton and I have been teammates for the past four years and I have never met a man so morally committed to being a good bloke. So when I brought up what I was trying to do with the foundation he generously volunteered to shave his beard to raise funds for the Rob Kneller Youth Foundation.


I can’t stress how big of a deal this really is. Anton and his beard go one in one and for him to part ways after such a long relationship on the biggest of stages speaks true to the kind of guy Anton his. If we can raise $20,000 the unbearding will take place on the 22nd of February, hopefully with both Anton and I holding some new hardware. To show my appreciation of how much this means to us, Luke and I have donated $5000 to get the ball rolling.


So do the right thing and get behind a man that is willing to put his own personal gains aside to help out a teammate and provide opportunities to the youth of Jindabyne. Click on the donate tab to the left and follow the prompts, I will keep this page updated with a running blog of our fundraising progress

Many Thanks

Scott and Luke Kneller







DONATIONS - $15,100!!
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