Rob Kneller Youth Foundation 2015 Annual Report

Jindabyne Disc Golf Course

The course has been well utilised since its inception in June 2014. Due to the winter demand the course was extended to 18 holes in June 2015. In 2015 the foundation sold approximately 1,500 discs + rentals and when you take into consideration that the course is mostly utilised by repeat users, the sales were a great result. RKYF intends to renew the signage sponsorship for each hole before the 2016 ski season. The first nine holes will be sold for $1,000 + GST each. The back 9 baskets are considered ‘temporary’ by Council until a thorough stake holder review is conducted. This means the RKYF is unable to erect signage and hence sell advertising space for the back nine holes. RKYF intends to seek permanent status.  

The RKYF coordinated the construction of the nine-hole disc golf course at Lake Crackenback. Discs are sold via the Lake Crackenback retail outlet and all proceeds are donated to the RKYF. The Jindabyne Disc Golf course will host the NSW Disc open in October 2016.

RKYF subsidised and Operated programs and initiatives 

Ride with Russ  

The RKYF held the annual ‘Ride with Russ’ in conjunction with Perisher Ski Resort last winter. Perisher charged $20.00 per participant and all proceeds were donated to the Foundation. The event was open to the public and specifically promoted to local students. This event provides an opportunity for local athletes to ski and learn from Australia’s most successful slopestyle skier, Russ Henshaw. We will continue to run the Ride with Russ event. 

Ski and Snowboard Futures Programs

The RKYF subsidised the cost for local Jindabyne students to participate in the SSA futures programs. SSA Futures is an athlete development and talent identification program. Its aim is to bridge the gap between Interschools competition and involvement in seasonal SSA Pathway Programs. The programs offer superior technical coaching and an introduction to elite sporting opportunities and elite sports people. We will continue to support these programs and will be working with SSA to run more events. 

Build a Better Community Campaign

The RKYF launched the ‘Build a Better Community Campaign’ in April last year. Local students were asked to submit their ideas for the community via one A4 page. The campaign was designed to empower young people to make change in their own community. It was an opportunity to understand the needs and wants of a younger generation. The $2,000 prize pool was split between 15 students who demonstrated a great understanding of their local community and a desire to improve it. The campaign was a great success in empowering local students to take action in their community. A working group has been set up at Jindabyne Central School with the intention of starting a local disc golf tournament. 


The RKYF subsidised the cost for local Jindabyne students to participate in the Amelia McGuiness Junior Sprints Time Trial & Team Sprints, as well as the Amelia McGuiness Memorial Time Trial. These events raise much-needed funds to support our young aspiring snowsports athletes from 10- 19 years of age. We will continue to support these events into the future. 

The Foundation has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2013. The initial investment in the disc golf course infrastructure has proven a worthwhile transaction. The course has provided a free recreational activity for all ages but also secured a reliable source of income for the Foundation through advertising and disc sales. The future is bright for the Foundation and we want to take this opportunity to personally thank all those people that have contributed along the way. We have an incredible community and both Luke and I look forward to continuing to support the youth of Jindabyne in the years to come.    

2014 financials
2015 financials 

Scott and Luke Kneller